Sunday, August 14, 2011

Suicidal Tendencies - Institutionalized (Music and lyrics)

A Dozen Things I Miss About Mike...Plus One

In every state, city or town we traveled to, I have at least one photo of him 'flipping the finger'.

He always brought a 'doggie bag' home for the cat.

He would sit next to my mom at the movies and never complain about her constant chatter...mostly because he was asleep!

He was incredibly tolerant of people,even stupid people. Even me.

He never forgot an important date...and always sent me flowers on our special days.

He had my name tattooed on his chest right over his heart (and under the naked, big busted woman riding the handle of a pistol). I miss ALL the tattoos.

He never met a penguin he didn't like. Nor a leg lamp he wouldn't buy!

He had this remarkable ability to have fun like a kid. Like when we flew kites together and I got his Spiderman kite hopelessly stuck in a tree...he pouted for hours. And then he was over it and doing something else for the fun of it.

He told the BEST true stories, ever!

He had this supernatural ability to find an Irish Pub ANYWHERE we went.

Music! Music! Music! Always.

He would say "I Love You" to me and his mom everyday...even when he had to grit his teeth and bite his tongue. And we both knew he meant it.

And the Plus One:

Every single night Mike would pour a bowl of Captain Crunch cereal and sit down on the side of the bed with his bowl. Angel (poofy, fluffy, white old diabetic cat...his second wife, honestly) would already be waiting. She would wait...not so patiently...tapping his leg with her paw...until he was done with the cereal. Then he would tell her, "You can have ten licks of milk" and he would count them down way too slowly. It made them both very happy. It used to drive me crazy. Now I wish for them both to be sitting on the bed just one more time, together.

I just hope they have Captain Crunch in heaven.

Paper Bullets "Trick or Treat"

Who can't wait for Halloween?

ME!! I can't.


Nope...i am not going to see the last Potter film. i just can't see my favorite Potions Master ever get, well, get...snake bit! And neither Hinoserm or Maniac Mike are here to enjoy the movie with. i'm sure Mike would have dressed up and played along even though he never read the books. He heard enough about them from me. i am not even gonna mention the girls in their Hogwarts school uniforms! Those skirts made his three hour wait for the midnight release of HP and the Half Blood Prince worthwhile.
i could always count on my kid and my husband to do the silly stuff with me...and i think that everywhere we went, we always had a good time.
So, Hino, when do we hit the road to Roswell??????

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Order Up!

Sometimes, at the library, I feel like a short order cook slingin' hash for the Sunday morning breakfast crowd, except I'm cookin' up books and I don't make tips. Also, we're not open on Sundays.

This picture was taken in the Berkshires in 2009.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Very Long Movie

i finally got Mike's old laptop hooked up. i cannot handle all this new technology...cell phones, digital cameras, Google Chrome, On Demand, I-Pods, etc. i refuse to get a Blu-Ray player but a Karaoke Machine would come in handy.

news from Rae: around 2:00pm monday she was folding clothes with her mom in her BRAND NEW HOUSE! we'll be comin', Rae. get us a few lumberjacks or horror novelists or whatever guys you got up there in Maine.

on saturday, mom and i went to see two movies: The Last Exorcism and Devil. we were in the theater from 5:30 until 9:40 pm. when my sister asked my mother what we watched she said, "A very long movie." ONE very long movie. no clue that she saw two. atleast she didn't ask me how my "Sweetheart" was doing. "He's dead, ma! geezus!"
while we were sitting down for the first movie, i could have sworn i saw Mike sit down next to my mom (we would keep him near her because he could manage AND he usually fell asleep anyway.) i'm told things like that are normal but it makes my heart jump.

the library is not the same without Rae. i think we are all in a kind of depression. we did hire a new full-timer and i'm pretty sure we will all get along fine. other than that, we have the usual daily dramas that both makes work suck AND makes work interesting. funny how that works.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So, like Frankenstein, we sent Igor out into the graveyard of old ideas to see what he can dig up.

-Rocky Kolb

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Gravestone in September

This is our family plot in Notre Dame Cemetery, Pawtucket. There were 6 plots: 3 are filled and my mom already has her name on the headstone, so she's in. i would like to bury some of Mike's ashes there but can you imagine a third name on that stone. Someone suggested we just chisel and "etc" at the bottom and just shovel us all in.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Winter weather in Ashton

view between building A (left) and building B (right)

view of the Kelly House on the other side of the river (with bike paths)

along the Blackstone

View of the Blackstone

View of the fence and trees along the river side